DYNOmatt everything you want and need from DYNOshield but with the aesthetics of a smooth matte finish. You don’t have to pay a premium for a paint to option or a sub-par paint job. Feel confident your vehicle is protected, preserving your original paint and giving you the matte finish you’ve always wanted on whatever color you already have.



Premium polyurethane anti-gravel styling film with a matte and hydrophobic effect!

  • Effect of factory matte painting does not muffle the original color of the car.
  • High resistance to aggressive chemistry.
  • Self-healing top coat.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet (does not turn yellow).
  • Perfectly balanced adhesive layer, no stretch marks or creases during installation.
  • High elasticity, at a thickness of 200 microns.

7 Year Warranty

DYNOmatt paint protection film is warrantied for 7 Years against delamination, yellowing, bubbling and cracking.

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